Forget Your Wallet? Keep Your Smartphone Handy

Forget Your Wallet? Keep Your Smartphone Handy

You must remember the first time you had used wallet. It was a great experience but now as you have turned over 65 you sometimes may forget to carry your wallet along with you. In such situation you feel awkward specially if you have to pay money for buying something and you find that you are not carrying cash. Actually, gone are those days when you used to carry cash or even cards. Now if you have your smartphone with the right apps in it you can even go on a vacation without your wallets. It’s true just read on to know more.

Credit cards

There are number of mobile wallets and with them you can use your smartphone for paying off instead of using your credit card or cash. These mobile wallets are linked with your credit card accounts or sometimes even your bank account. They allow you to pay through the app to the retail terminal. These apps provides enough security just like your credit card and they are indeed great way to pay while you are on way. Some mobile wallets that are worthy checking are. Take action get a 2020 medicare supplement plan to be prepared.


Checks were being written for ages to transfer money from your bank account to another bank account. Nowadays writing checks have reduced thanks to these modern apps and online transfer system. If you have a good money transfer app you can simply transfer money to the desired account within few seconds. No need to write a check and then give it to your lender or whoever you want to give money. Some of the good apps in this concern are

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Google Pay  and others


Everybody loves discount on different items and the best way to get them is coupons. That’s why most of the time your wallets used to be fat not because of cash in it but because of coupons you used to carry. Now there are apps that will help you keep those paper coupon at home. Check out these cash back and coupon apps and enjoy

  • Checkout51
  • Flipp

Not only these there are apps for almost anything now and with the right app you can change your life, arrange everything properly and even though you forget your wallet you can pay at time, just keep your smartphone handy.

Tips for Getting Travel Insurance for seniors

Tips for Getting Travel Insurance for seniors

Even though you have aged it does not mean that you will stop travelling. Rather if your health permits then you must travel a lot because you do not have to worry about your job now. Now, if you plan to travel then you should also opt for travel insurance. It does not matter whether you have any health issue or not. You do not know what will happen in the foreign land and in this age you should not take tension. Thus, a simple travel insurance will help you enjoy your holidays. Travel insurance are quite expensive and thus you need to be careful while having one.

Determine the type of plan

There are different types of plans available. While some are for a fixed number of days others are there that will last for a year and will insure you over multiple trips. The one you choose will depend upon how you travel and how often do you travel. Determine the plan thinking about the place where you will be travelling and when will you travel and for how long.

Multiple quotes in writing

Do ask for quotes from different insurer. After you obtain multiple quotes it is best to compare them with each other that will give you an idea about which one should you prefer. You can compare each features and then decide one.

Visit your doctor before you travel

Before your trip it is always advisable that you visit your doctor. Let your physician check your health and suggest if you need any medication before you take the trip. A doctor will advise you about any health issue that will let you take acre before you travel. Remember that prevention is better than cure so do that first.

Plan ahead

Do not wait for the last moment to get the travel insurance. Plan ahead and take different quotes, compare them and get yourself insured. This will give you the best help while you are travelling.

Be honest

When you are taking the travel insurance you will be asked different questions related to your health. Be honest and answer each question truthfully. It is necessary because in case you have to make any claim and the insurance company finds that you had hidden any fact your insurance will be void. Thus, do not hide anything, be honest and get the right travel insurance. At your age you never know when you face nay health hazards. Take care of yourself and get a 2020 medicare supplement plan to be healthy.

Retired seniors should Research and Keep Informed about Investment

Retired seniors should Research and Keep Informed about Investment

You might not have invested in any kind of business before and if you are a senior who has just retired, it is very important for you to make sure that you do some research about investment after you have retired. For those of us who have never invested during when we were still working, it is crucial to make sure that you have a little bit of knowledge so that you don’t invest your money blindly. Sometimes, investing blindly would lead you towards risks that are unforeseen but could have been invested if a senior has prior knowledge about how to invest with caution.

Benefits of doing Investment research

Have you ever thought of the benefits of doing a research before you take a step towards making an investment after retirement? If not, here is a number of benefits that can be accrued from doing a research as senior who has just retired and is about to do some business. The first benefit of researching is basically keeping yourself informed about the world of market. Market are available for you to invest but risks also exist. With that idea at hand, you need to have a prior knowledge of what exists and what doesn’t exist in the market you want to do an investment in.

Doing a research helps you make an informed decision

Seniors who have just retired and are feeling like it is best to make an investment should consider doing some research about the investments they want to do. Have you ever found that when trying to make an investment decision, you feel like you are empty and know nothing about what you are about to do? This should not be a bother anymore basically because it is all about having a prior knowledge and making decisions based on the ideas you have found.

Being informed helps you avoid risk

There are risks whenever you want to start an investment or let’s say a business. With that in mind, it is very crucial for you to make sure that you research so as to find out risks and avoid such risks if you can. Sometimes, seniors may have prejudgments that would lead them to making poor decisions that could lead them towards making decisions that are not in line with their needs. Be informed first before making any decision. Visit to get quotes for 2020 supplements.

Does Credit Score Matters After You Turn 65?

Does Credit Score Matters After You Turn 65?

As you grow old you feel that now you are free from maintaining a good credit score! You do not have to worry about those three figure score that used to let others decide whether they can lend you or not. However the truth is not same. Even after you retire or even when you turn 65 years of age you must maintain a good credit score. It matters and matters a lot. Want to know the reason? Read on

Need it for buying a new car

Turning 65 is not the end of your life but it is the beginning and hence you can always think of buying a new car. However, the truth is that when you are planning to buy a new car what will you require? Yes, you need money but apart from money you need another thing and that is your credit score. While buying your new vehicle your credit score will be checked and if it not good enough you cannot buy one. Thus, why should you compromise upon your credit score?

Refinance your mortgage

After an age when your family members reduces you will always think that you should save on expenses and one of the best way is to reduce the monthly installments on mortgage. While you go for refinancing your mortgage again your credit score will be checked and if it is not good enough you will never be able to refinance the mortgage. This makes sense why it is necessary that you get your credit score at its best always.

Supporting family members financially

Even though you have turned 65 it does not mean that your son will not ask for a financial help from you. They may not ask for money but you may be requested to be the co-signor while they are buying their own property. Now, if you do not have a good credit score you cannot be the co-signor. This way you cannot support your son financially, something that you had been doing all life through. There can be many other reasons that makes sense that why you must maintain a good credit score. When you have a good credit score you are an identity in the eyes of the lenders. It will not change even if you are above 65. Thus, make sure that you always keep checking the credit score and maintain it.

Few Ways by Which Seniors Can save Expenses and Make Their Finances Better

Few Ways by Which Seniors Can save Expenses and Make Their Finances Better

Saving money is no more a choice it is a necessity and you need to do that, especially when you consider yourself among the seniors. Every way you save will help you manage your finances better, more now when your income source has become limited. Here are few tips for saving, in whatever way you can.

Shop for a new Medicare coverage

You may be satisfied that your previous 2019 Medicare advantage plan coverage is good enough and you will continue with that! It may or may not be true and thus it is essential that before you pay for Medicare this year make sure that you have checked with the other Medicare policies available. It will help you.

Make a single shopping trips per week

When you go for shopping only once per week you will stop those impulse buying as you will be busy planning for what you actually need. Moreover this will also cut down the car costs that you incur for every trip to the shopping mall. If possible make a list with your friend so that you both go together for shopping. This will give you social time as well you can save money too.

Bargain to get lower interest rates

When you have debts you must always try to lower the interest rates. Once you get a better deal your monthly payments for paying off the debts will decrease and you can get a better deal. Why shouldn’t you try to get benefits from rates that is availed by others?

Refinance your mortgage

When you have your home financed it means that you are paying quite some amount on it. Now that the home loan rates are quite low why not try to refinance the mortgage. You will be able to save quite some amount by this without even worrying about the money. When the mortgage rates are lower you will have to pay lesser monthly amounts. You can invest the money thus saved.

Avoid late fees

Whenever you are paying a late fee you are actually not only paying the late fee amount but something more. Like, along with the late fees you will be charged something else too. Now, if you can avoid that and make payments on time you do not have to bear those extra. That’s too a great way to save, isn’t it? There are different ways by which you can save. Now when you have enough time in your hand, utilize that and try to save as much as you can.

Avoid These Financial Traps — They May Be Hazardous To Your Wealth

Avoid These Financial Traps — They May Be Hazardous To Your Wealth

You may earn money easily but it’s even easier losing it. When you do not plan and manage your wealth properly it will take moments for your hard earned money to disappear. This is more obvious when you have retired or is heading towards retirement. If you do not take careful steps then there are high chances that you will not left with much money and that will never be good for your health.

Undisciplined spending

The biggest problem faced. This is because the more you earn more will be your spending. However, if you do not take acre of what you are spending and where you are spending you will be in a habit of spending that will continue even after you retire. Moreover, you cannot save enough for your older days. Thus, make a spending plan and spend according to that. Always keep aside some of the amount as soon as you get your monthly income.

High debt

Another problem that you go through during your young age. There are many responsibilities and in order to fulfill them you take loans. Now, availability of credit is much easier and that makes you falling under debt. Debts can be long term or short term, but in order to make your old age peaceful it is better that you plan properly and try to pay off the debt at time. This will make your golden days better.

Unmanaged Inheritance

When you get a financial windfall you feel great, but that too can be dangerous. It is just like spending money. Without proper planning and managing you will found that your money has gone away and you do not know about it at all! When you have wealth make sure it is managed properly or else it is going to give you headache in your old days. You must set aside a money that will be used when you grow old for spending on luxury. You deserve some luxury too!

Neglected Investments

After retirement whatever you invest has a lot to do in your financial matters. If you ignore what you invest then you are going to fall in deep shit. Also keep reviewing your investment strategy to ensure that you are getting the best return available. There is no need to take too much risk. Just ensure that you are doing right things at the right time. Don’t neglect your health so get a 2019 medicare supplement plan as your insurance.

Horse back is a Perfect Muscle Stretch for Senior above and below 65

Horse back is a Perfect Muscle Stretch for Senior above and below 65

Have you ever thought of the idea that horseback riding could be helpful to your health? It might be difficult to accept that this is one of the best exercise for seniors. Seniors should consider going for horse riding once a week so that they can be able to get that natural yoga. I know that someone will ask, “How?” but there is no need to worry because in this article, we are going to see how horse riding helps you exercise without necessarily straining your muscles. As soon as you are aware of this benefits, you will appreciate the need to have your own horse or consider hiring one your weekly exercises.

Horse riding helps you stretch your feet muscles

Seniors normally complain about their feet becoming numb while some may complain of pain in their feet. This kind of pain normally comes from lack of proper exercises. It is important therefore to consider the need to go for horse riding. Whenever you ride a horse you will realize that as the horse gallops, your body will constantly be thrown up and down. Whenever the body is coming down from the over through, you will realize that you need your feet to support your body as it lands back on to the horse. This is a physical exercise that is less of stress and you may never feel any muscle pain arising from overstraining.

Horse riding is a good yoga for your waist muscles

Considering that seniors love sitting on chair all day long, their waist muscles tend to get fatigued and if this happens, you certainly need a solution to make you waist muscles viable. The best way to alleviate your waist muscles from fatigue is making sure that you do horse riding even for once a week. There are a number of reasons why horse riding is good for your waist muscles. The first of those advantages is that is helps stretch your thigh and waist muscles. This is basically because as the horse moves, it tends to thrust your body in an up and down thrust. This thrust is what makes your thigh and waist muscles viable and in good shape.

Horse riding improves your attention and memory

When riding a horse your attention is place of controlling the horse and moving with its rhythm. This improves your attentiveness as well as your memory if done for a relatively long period of time. Getting a 2020 medicare advantage plan is easy.