Forget Your Wallet? Keep Your Smartphone Handy

Forget Your Wallet? Keep Your Smartphone Handy

You must remember the first time you had used wallet. It was a great experience but now as you have turned over 65 you sometimes may forget to carry your wallet along with you. In such situation you feel awkward specially if you have to pay money for buying something and you find that you are not carrying cash. Actually, gone are those days when you used to carry cash or even cards. Now if you have your smartphone with the right apps in it you can even go on a vacation without your wallets. It’s true just read on to know more.

Credit cards

There are number of mobile wallets and with them you can use your smartphone for paying off instead of using your credit card or cash. These mobile wallets are linked with your credit card accounts or sometimes even your bank account. They allow you to pay through the app to the retail terminal. These apps provides enough security just like your credit card and they are indeed great way to pay while you are on way. Some mobile wallets that are worthy checking are. Take action get a 2020 medicare supplement plan to be prepared.


Checks were being written for ages to transfer money from your bank account to another bank account. Nowadays writing checks have reduced thanks to these modern apps and online transfer system. If you have a good money transfer app you can simply transfer money to the desired account within few seconds. No need to write a check and then give it to your lender or whoever you want to give money. Some of the good apps in this concern are

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Google Pay  and others


Everybody loves discount on different items and the best way to get them is coupons. That’s why most of the time your wallets used to be fat not because of cash in it but because of coupons you used to carry. Now there are apps that will help you keep those paper coupon at home. Check out these cash back and coupon apps and enjoy

  • Checkout51
  • Flipp

Not only these there are apps for almost anything now and with the right app you can change your life, arrange everything properly and even though you forget your wallet you can pay at time, just keep your smartphone handy.